On this Web site, Publisher members can take the following actions:

Production/ Conversion Support Obtain production/ conversion tips and an entry to using ePubNow! Online Conversion Platform for converting your titles to ePUB format. You also get tips to create your PDF/A format eBooks.

Upload the eBooks inventory Upload eBooks in the ePUB, Mobi, and PDF/A formats.

Update the title metadata Update title metadata for a catalogue and sharing with the distribution channels.

Configure DRM Protection Configure DRM Protection by providing permissions to use the eBooks by the end-users.

Release the titles for sale Release the title for sale and enable sales through a growing number of online retail bookstores.

Check Sales Reports Publishers can check sales reports for the titles in the inventory.

Before the publisher members can use services on Digital Media Reserve, they are required to make an online registration and sign a digital participation agreement. As soon this is done, they shall be able to start uploading their inventory to the secured repository on Digital Media Reserve.

For further clarifications, please contact: ebooks@antrik.com.