Metadata is a term used for title details. We follow ONIX for Books standards to store eBooks title details. The following parameters are required:

Title Required  Title of eBook.
Subtitle Optional  Subtitle of eBook, if any.
Author Required  Add one or more authors
Category Required  Add one or more category
Publisher Required  Publisher
Publishing Date Required  Date of Publishing  [YYYY-MM-DD]
Imprint Optional  Imprint 
Series Optional  Series
Key Words Optional  Key words
eBook Edition Optional  Edition
Edition Description Optional  Description of the edition, if any
eISBN Required  ISBN-13
Language Required  Language of the work
Suggested Retail Price (SRP) Required  Suggested retail price inclusive of all taxes & levies 
Number of Pages Optional

 Page numbers in the print book

Description Required Maximun 4000 characters including spaces
Review Source Optional Maximun 300 characters including spaces
Review Text Optional Maximun 1000 characters including spaces
Table of Contents Optional Maximun 4000 characters including spaces
Author Photograph Optional  Preferable dimension: 100px X 150px
Author Biodata Optional Maximun 2000 characters including spaces