Conversion to eBook formats is the first step publishers need to undertake.

The popular formats include:

  • ePUB Format: that is the industry standard and read on most eBook Reading Devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad;
  • ePDF (PDF/A) Format: is a format that can be read on any device running Adobe Digital Editions software;
  • Mobi/Amazon-Kindle Format: is a popular format that is read on Kindle Reading Devices.

ePUB Format eBooks are read on Adobe Digital Editions supported devices and iPhone / iPad.

ePDF or PDF/A Format eBooks are also read on Adobe Digital Editions supported devices.

Mobi or Kindle Format eBooks are read on all Amazon-Kindle supported devices, including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Wireless Reading devices, PC, Mac, and Android. 

Publishers are advised to develop an in-house eBooks production department and learn the know-how of eBooks conversion and production by using simple steps and our online production platform, ePubNow!


ePubNow! ePUB and Amazon-Kindle or Mobi format can be produced simultaneously from the source XHTML files. We use an Online Automated XML Production Workflow, called ePubNow!

ePDF or PDF/A format needs to be carefully manufactured by manually linking various components of a print-PDF.