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Publishers and Authors/ Self-Publishers may now start selling eBooks secured using Adobe DRM.

Antrik ExPress offers a robust, scalable, but easy way to start selling your eBooks in EPUB and PDF/A formats through your own website.

Piracy Protection DRM:

Adobe DRM is the online piracy protection for your eBooks. Antrik ExPress has worked hard to offer you an easy solution to implement a complex security protection in a much simpler way.

Robust Commercial Scale Piracy Protection:

Its the same piracy protection used by Google, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, INGRAM and many other eBookstores around the world.

Supporting Devices:

EPUB and or PDF/A formats protected by Adobe DRM offers a wide range of choice to readers for them reading on multitudes of devices. These eBooks can be read on Desktop (PC/ Mac), iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android-based Tablets, and multitudes of Dedicated eReader Devices supported by Adobe

Trusted Web Service APIs:

Antrik ExPress provides WebServices APIs for integrating the download of eBooks by your customers through your website.

Most Competitive Pricing:

Antrik ExPress offers most competitive pricing for enabling eBooks sales under Adobe secured DRM through your website.